• Lufthansa Airbus A380
    Lufthansa A380 inaugural HK flight
  • Brand HK - Our Tall Story
    Hyperlapse video promoting Hong Kong
  • HK Int'l Airport Book
    Behind-the-scenes shooting the HKIA Commemorative Book
  • Heliservices Promo
    Hyperlapse video featuring a round-the-island heli tour
  • The Michael Wong Experience
    Shooting with Heliservices newest MD902 pilot, actor, Captain Michael Wong.
  • Aerial photography / videography
    BTS aerial shooting stills and video of the largest cruise ship to ever enter Victoria Harbour
  • Hang Seng Bank Shoot
    Hang Seng Bank annual report shoot aboard a yacht in Hong Kong waters.
  • Heliservices MD902 Launch
    Heliservices taking delivery and launching their new MD902 helicopter with an air-to-air shoot and aerial photography.